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About Us

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

                                                                                                                 -Nelson Mandela

Who Are We?

All across the United States and on U.S. military bases worldwide, more the 4,300 Boys & Girls Clubs are changing the lives of our youth and positively affecting their future. Although all Boys & Girls Clubs are affiliated with the National organization, each uniquely adapts to the population, cultures, and demographics it serves.

In 1993 a group of local businessmen, civic leaders and parents of the Merced community came together with concerns of the increasing numbers of boys & girls coming from single parent homes and low-income families. The community at large felt there was a great need for these youth to have additional positive supervision. In 1994, as a collaborative, the community group opened the “Boys & Girls Club of Merced”.. The opening of the Club was an immediate success and soon began serving approximately 200 boys & girls each year. By 2000, the “Boys & Girls Clubs” was serving over 800 members.

The “Boys & Girls Club of Merced” became the “Boys & Girls Clubs of Merced County” in late 1998. We currently serve over 200 plus members daily (6 - 18 years of age). At our Clubs, members have the opportunity to participate in variable activities, sports and in-house clubs aimed at building self-esteem, values, leadership and life skills to help prepare them to become productive citizens and community leaders of the future. 

 We have a state of the art after-school recreational facility, specifically designed to meet the needs of our community. Every day we strive to address and fulfill the needs of our children, including their care, safety, and development, through our high quality adult-supervised activities and programs. We go above and beyond in any way that we can, providing for many of Merced's youth each year with life impacting programs that make a difference. At Boys & Girls Clubs, we know the hours between 3:00-7:00 p.m. are the peak hours for juvenile crime and the time when kids are most likely to experiment with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other risky behaviors. We also know that today in the Merced community, children are facing obstacles more challenging than ever before. Kids from low-income families are six times more likely to drop out of school, and a high percentage of kids across the county are overweight or obese – a number that continues to steadily increase year after year.

As one of the most well-known youth organizations in the country, Boys & Girls Clubs provide young people with opportunities to engage in programs that help them achieve academic success, take charge of their health by building healthy habits that will stick with them throughout their lives, and foster the skills they need to become leaders in their communities.

Boys & Girls Clubs are there for kids when they need us most: after school, all day in the summer, and even during the school day. Our membership is open to all youth ages 6-18, and for $20 annually, our Club members have access to a wealth of programming that has the power to positively shape and change their lives.


Our Club is staffed by experts in youth development. These trained professionals deliver a well-rounded menu of both nationally-recognized and innovative, local programs to our Club members. By tracking participation and results, we are able to continually evaluate our effectiveness.

We'd love to give you a tour of our facilities and share more about the programs we offer.

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